Dispatching Service, LLC

Our top priority is to ensure we are meeting all of your needs in a timely and professional manner at all times. We have built our business on a strong foundation which includes honesty, respect, integrity, and hard work. Effective communication is one of our key principles which is why we will always strive to communicate with our clients one-on-one to understand their specific needs and provide assistance based on those needs. No Empty Wagons!

Professional Service



We will find the right freight & handle the load booking on your behalf. Our top notch service will ensure you have nothing to worry about as we book and dispatch you the freight.



With 24 hour service, we work promptly and expeditiously to book and dispatch your loads. Not only are we prompt with service, but we are prompt in communication, as well.



We will do our best to ensure we book loads that are the most profitable for you. We strive to book loads that do not put tremendous wear and tear on your equipment.



We operate across the 48 contiguous states so location is no problem for us. Where you want to be dispatched, we will send you there!

What Sets Us Apart

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Feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We offer quick replies and affordable rates. Our excellent service is what sets us apart from the rest. With 24/7 service, I assure you, you're our TOP priority.